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Estimated Cash Requirements

Items Amount
Buyers Cash Requirements  
Initial Cash Down Payment  
Working Capital  
Inventory Purchase Cost  
Closing Attorney Fees  
Buyer Attorney Fees  
Buyer Accountant Fees  
Inventory Service (If Applicable)  
Insurance Pro rations  
Sales Tax  
Lease Deposits  
Utility Deposits  
City Business License  
State Business License  
Setup Corporation Fees  
Liquor or Special License Fees  
Total Buyers Cash Requirements  
Optional Expenditures  
Additional Inventory  
Additional Fixtures  
New Advertising  
Total Optional Expenditures  
Total Buyer Cash Requirements & Optional Expenditures  
The above information is furnished to assist the buyer in determining the amount of cash necessary to acquire a business. Additional cash requirements and/or considerations may be required.


Buyer Estimated Cash Requirement (58k)
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