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Information you need to Sell your Business

Name of Business: __________________________________
Business Type: __________________________________
Business Address: __________________________________
Seller: __________________________________
Business Phone: _______________ Fax: _______________
Reason for Selling: __________________________________
Age of Business: _______________ #Employees
FT _____ PT _____
Years owned by seller: _______________
Days: ________ Hours: ________
Hours worked by seller: _______________
Seating: ______ Parking: ______
Building size: _______________
Lot Size: ______ Zoning: ______
Rent $: _______________
Term: ______ Exp. Date: ______
Rent options: _______________ deposit: _______________
Rent adjustments: __________________________________
Miscellaneous: __________________________________
______________ Minimum 3 years profit or loss statements:
______________ Minimum three years of balance sheets:
______________ Minimum three years tax returns:
A)_____ Copy of real-estate lease and assignment
B)_____ Copy of underlying contracts, (business and real-estate)
C)_____ Copy of business equipment lease
D)_____ Copy of partnership agreement
E)_____ List of corporate officers and business ownership percentage
F)_____ Copy of business licenses, (city, state & corporate, etc.)
G)_____ List of furniture, fixtures & equipment and est. replacement value
H)_____ Inventory value
I)_____ Accounts receivable aging and value
J)_____ Accounts payable aging and value
K)_____ Business attorney, address and phone number
L)_____ Business accountant, address and phone number
M)_____ Insurance company, agent address and phone number
N)_____ Escrow company, address, phone number and account number
O)_____ Brief history of company


Information you need to Sell your Business (56k)
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