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Closing Documents Review Checklist

Explanation: This checklist lists the commonly encountered closing documents that should be reviewed by both the buyer's and seller's attorneys and tax advisers

On the buyer's side of the transaction, certain other documents associated with the deal are also appropriately reviewed at closing time. These are listed below.

  • Purchase/Sale Agreement
  • Escrow Agreement
  • Settlement Sheet
  • Bill of Sale
  • Promissory Note(s)
  • Security Agreement(s)
  • Financing Statement(s)
  • Covenant(s) Not to Compete
  • Employment Contract(s)
  • Documents Authorizing Transaction (Specify) Additional Buyer-side Documents Related to Transaction:
  • Buy-sell Agreement
  • Documentation of Loans from Owners to Entity
  • Loan Documents for Third-party Loans
  • Employment Contracts for Employee-owners
  • Buyer's Business Plan


Closing Documents Review Checklist (52k)
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