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Menu Profitability Test

# Questions Yes No
1. Do you have up-to-date accurate food costs for every item sold in the restaurant and are they documented?    
2. In your operation are the Gross Profits more important than Food Cost Percentages?    
3. Do you know your top ten selling items on the menu, their cost and contributions?    
4. Do you review your sales mix reports from your point-of-sale system weekly?    
5. Do you know your average gross profit contribution per guest and per entrée?    
6. Have you updated your menu in the last 3 to 4 months?    
7. Do you know what category on the menu is the most popular? Most profitable?    
8. Do you apply a profit strategy to layout and design in all your merchandising materials?    
9. Is your pricing of items focued on Gross Profit contributions?    
10. Do you use "Special Sheets" to communicate daily features?    
11. Is your wine list incorporated into your main menu?    
12. Do you know what percentage of sales your guests order Appetizers? Beverages? Sides? Desserts?    
13. Do you train your staff to sell suggestively and track their effectiveness?    
14. Do you know who your main (direct) competitors are?    
15. Do you perform a menu comparison with your direct competitors?    
16. Do you involve staff (wait staff, kitchen) in your menu decisions?    
17. Are your menus and related point-of-purchase materials in full color?    
If you answered "NO" to any of the questions above, you could be leaving as much as 15% in gross profit on the table!

Menu Profitability Test courtesy of Bangor Smith, President, Menus for Profit, Inc.

Taken from Northwest Hospitality News, February 1998.


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